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Upholstery before &after

Deep Rug Cleaning

We clean all types of rugs in your home, or workplace.


We use the best industrial machinery and professional products currently available,

to give you the best possible deep rug cleaning service in Sussex. 



We are well renowned for our specialist rug cleaning. We know that over time, many vibrant colours can fade and dull through day-to-day living.


We will ascertain the condition of your rugs and lovingly clean and revive them - the end results have staggered hundreds of customers who often imagined that that nothing could possibly be done!
Our service extends to a personal free collection and delivery of all rugs cleaned by us, since it is more beneficial to clean and dry them off your premises.


We use are the very finest eco-friendly products which are safe for humans and animals. Although they help to deliver a high quality deep rug clean, you can be assured they will not damage or dramatically reduce the life of the rug.


We do not use cheap products or machinery. We give our clients a great VALUE, professional service. Remember... buy cheap, buy twice. Be assured, our method of cleaning will extract deep ingrained soil and leave the rug dry within hours, as opposed to days. 


The machines we use are incredibly powerful, and are suitable for us to use in the domestic and commercial environment. With the right equipment, water reaches deep into the rug, acting as a solvent, to attach to the soil & contaminants which would have been broken down with an eco-frendly pre-spray, earlier in the cleaning process.



The soiled water is then extracted a few seconds later.  Once the rug has been rinsed, it will be left in a PH neutral state.  Whilst it is still ever so slightly damp, there will be no detriment to your rug or irritation to yourselves or animals. The other benefit is that as it is PH neutral, there will be no residue on the rug; this means the rug will not rapidly re-soil and need cleaning quite so quickly.


The rug in most cases will be dry within a few hours if not sooner. The time of year or atmospherical conditions do not have any significant impact on drying times. 

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