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St. Richard Church, Heathfield

The challenge we had-

We were called to a church hall in Heathfield, East Sussex to see what we could do with their tired pine floor which had a thick film of varnish on which covered the beauty lying beneath. We saw a golden opportunity to revive another tired wood floor.

What we did-

We started with a 24 grit which is the strongest abrasive for the machine we use, this was because of the finish which was currently on the floor before we started. After this we then proceeded to do a sand with 40,60,80,100,120 grits to get the perfect smooth finish we wanted. During this process we also edged with around the whole room and right into the corners to give an aesthetically pleasing finish but more importantly, a professional one. Once sanding had finished then we were able to lacquer the hall floor, this starts off with ‘water-popping’ which swells the grain enough to allow ingress of the primer and lacquer. We then started off with the primer, once dried then we followed with the 1st coat of lacquer, once dried, we lightly sanded the floor again, this is to help the polyurethane coat of lacquer make a stronger bond between coats. We then follow the lacquer and sanding between coats another two times.

The end result-

The floor has been restored back to its former glory (if not, a little better) which has visually lifted and opened the room. The client was incredibly pleased with the result as you could probably expect. The whole process is over 98% dust free, the machines we use are engineered for efficient dust extraction, we’re not just plugging a Henry hoover into the end of the sanding machine which doesn’t have the appropriate suction & airflow to capture dust and more importantly, air-filtration which impacts the cleanness of possessions in the room, on your health as the customer and us as the professional.

What now-

Whilst reading this if you have any questions or are interested in having your wooden floor revived, give us a call on- 01424 871444 or get in contact through the website, here.

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